Hey folks, hope all is well with you all.  Well, it’s a dull and grey old day out there so I am sat here reflecting on a pretty mad sequence of events (by my standards at least) for EnA Photography that happened really quickly, so I just thought I would share…


Like most photographers, artists and creatives a lot of my work comes from recommendation as I rarely do any formal advertising apart from showcasing my work on my socials (see the links at the bottom of the page).  So, on a nondescript kinda Friday I was sat having lunch, just a quick sarnie as you do, when I found myself tagged by a client (Thanks Jim!) in the comments of one of those ‘Does anyone know a decent photographer’ type Facebook posts.

Two hours later, following a message session back and forth online, I am sat with a latte in Costa in Yarm across the table from the guy who needs the images.  Now, I’m no dance music aficionado by any means, I’m an indie kid at heart, but on doing a quick bit of research I find this guy is pretty well known in the genre with several Ibiza club residencies, DJ tours, has featured on Ministry of Sound albums and worked with a lot of the top household names in that area of music.

He knows what he wants from the finished images which is an absolute plus for me, but he needs to work quickly.  He is signed to a label in New York and has a two track release all ready to go, with features in DJ Magazine and Mix Mag all lined up and his label and PR company are asking for press worthy images to accompany the release.  The twist is that this release will not be in his own name, it’s a side project he has called ‘Strobe City’ and he needs the images to be almost anonymous in a way.  He has checked out EnA Photography since the Facebook tag and likes the artist promo work I’ve done hence why we are sat here chatting, he even bought the coffee!

That was Friday, fast forward to 6.00pm on the Sunday of the same weekend and we are in my home studio, I’ve handed him a cold beer and he is starting to relax a little so let’s do the photos.  We shot about 70 images in various poses, clothing and partial disguise and it’s great that he was happy to run with my suggestions as well as me working to his initial brief.  An hour later and we are done, and Mr Strobe City heads off happy with our session.  I promise him the finished images by the end of the week….. and then I panic that I won’t have them done in time given everything else I have on!


“Deadlines just aren’t real to me until I’m staring one in the face.” – Rick Riordan

I knew that for this particular project would benefit from a wee bit of colab with my amazing mate, Graphic Designer and established artist in her own right, Lauren of LD Design Art, and so gave her a call to discuss and she was on board straight away.  I edited the base images Strobe City and I had shot on Sunday and then Wednesday evening Lauren and I huddled around our laptops in my dining room with a couple of glasses of Red and Rose, Lightroom and Photoshop and a whole load of images and ideas for company.

Working our creative socks off, the wine helped, we put together a set of ideas of concepts that would fit the client’s brief of anonymity, or at the very least partial anonymity, and we got to the point four hours later where we were really happy with our endeavours.  I popped them over to the client by wetransfer and got a message the next day saying he loves them and they have been accepted by his label and PR

Being 100% honest, this is one of the best bits of colab I have ever been involved in, and both Lauren and I are super proud of these images which will be appearing all over the dance music world very soon. If dance music is your thing then keep your eye out across DJ Mag and Mixmag and do check out Strobe City.


Here’s a link to the finished images  Strobe City (DJ) Promo | EnA Photography (ena-photography.co.uk)

If you like what you see and would love something unique, or you have collaboration ideas then please drop me a message or email.




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